•  What is the value of Catholic education?

    We are confident that we deliver lifelong advantages to your children worth the investment.  We believe in the potential of our students based upon our belief that each child is created in the image and likeness of God and is deserving of dignity.
    We boast smaller room sizes, experienced teachers, and current technology. A safe and supportive community results from our focus on fostering empathy and concern for others.
    Catholic education is an investment that pays back in a lifetime in college and career opportunities, strength of character, and friendships.

  • Isn't Catholic school expensive?

    We are blessed to have both state and local support to make a Catholic education availabe to all interested families.

    We encourage parents exploring Catholic school education to call or visit your local school. Tuition scholarship assistance is available for qualifying familes. All of our schools work with the Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program to assist families. In 2023-24 over $3.1million dollars was awarded to families through this program.

    Local Tuition Assistance
    We encourage parents exploring Catholic school education to call or visit your local school. Tuition scholarship assistance is available for qualifying familes.

    Education Savings Accounts (ESA)  applicatons will be open in Spring 2024. LEARN MORE ABOUT ESA'S

  • Can I use my Iowa 529 fund to pay for K-12 tuition?

    Yes, recent changes to the law now make this an option.

    Read moreIowa 529 Plan: K-12 Tuition Payments Fact Sheet

  • How do I  enroll an international student?

    Our high schools welcome students from around the world in exchange programs.
    More information can be found on the International Students Page.

  •  Enrollment Information

    Enrollment at our Catholic schools is available throughout the school year when we have available classroom capacity. 
    Catholic School Locator

  • Do I or my child have to be Catholic in order to attend a Catholic School?

    Diocese of Sioux City Catholic Schools warmly welcomes all students regardless of faith. We believe the values-centered preparation we provide transcends religious backgrounds. Our schools currently have 18% of our student population that comes from different faiths.

  • Are the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sioux City accredited?

    Yes, all schools are accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. Our teachers are licensed by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.

  • Which Schools have early childhood or extended day programs?

    Many of our schools have early childhood centers and extended day programs. Visit our Schools Directory to see what programs the schools near you offer.

  • Can I visit a school?

    We invited families to visit our schools. Nothing equals the experience of seeing our schools in action. Contact your local school for a tour or shadow day.

  • What is the best way for me to get all my questions answered?

    We recommend scheduling a personalized visit. In your contact form, please let us know which school community you are interested in learning more about, your child’s school age and any concerns you would like us to address.