Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ 2017.pdf

How is income eligibility determined?
Your income determines if you are eligible for the Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program. To qualify for these programs FACTS Management will look at Line 22 from your most current tax return and determine if you are within 300% of the Federal Poverty Level for Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation (MLTF) and from 300%-400% of the Federal Poverty Level for Bishop's Education Fund (BEF).

Is there any other criteria to qualify?
To qualify for a MLTF scholarship the family must be an Iowa resident. To receive a BEF award the family must be a registered parishioner at a parish in the diocese and have a family income between 300-400% of Federal Poverty level . Both funds are available for K-12 students. Pre-K students can qualify to receive MLTF funds if they are 5 by Sept 15th and in a certified program. Both programs exclude preschool students under 5 by Sept 15th.

What income levels are at the 300% or 400% of the Federal Poverty Level?
Each year the federal government comes out with these guidelines at the end of January. A chart of these income guidelines will be distributed as soon as it becomes available. During 2016-17 a family of four, with total income at or below $72,900, could qualify for a MLTF award. A family of four, with a total income that falls between $72,900-$97,200 could qualify for a BEF award.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?
The Diocese of Sioux City Scholarhsip Program applications must be submitted on-line. The online application link is available on your local schools website as well as the Catholic schools office website at Please contact your local school if you need assistance.
What if I don't have internet access to complete an online application?
Parents can contact their local school for an individual appointment to use the school's Internet access to complete an online application. Online applications are processed faster and any missing/incomplete materials will be identified sooner.
Do I have to have an email address to complete the online application?
No, online applicants are not required to have an email address. However, any notification about missing/incomplete materials would then be communicated to you by FACTS via US mail. If parents have an email address, you are strongly encouraged to list it and monitor it for communications from FACTS.

When is the application open?
The online application is open beginning February 1, 2017. The application is available in English and Spanish.
Last year I used the PSAS website but this year the website is for FACTS. What is the difference?
Our Diocese will be utilizing FACTS Management for the tuition assistance application processing. The previous company, PSAS, was recently acquired by FACTS. Families will need to complete an online profile and set a password when they begin an application on the FACTS website for the 2017-18 school year.

How do I set up an online profile to start my application?

There is a short video that may be helpful for parents. The video demonstrates how to create an online profile so that you can begin an application and how to navigate through the FACTS applications. This link can be found on your school website and at

Do I need to fill out an application for each of my children?
No, only one application per household is required. Be sure to include all children on this application.

1st round:
Application due April 1st
Letters sent to parent in mid-May
Enrollment/parish registration verified by schools in early September
Funds sent to schools in mid-October

2nd round (new students only):

Application due September 15th
Enrollment/parish registration verified by schools in early October
Letters sent to parent in mid-October
Funds sent to schools in mid-November

Do Foreign Exchange Students qualify?
Residence in Iowa is temporary for foreign exchange students therefore they would not qualify for any Diocesan assistance.

How should divorced parents apply?
In the case of divorced parents the tuition responsibility of each parent should be indicated on the application. (ex: 50-
50 split on tuition then award is based on 50% of tuition). Tuition assistance awarded to one parent cannot be split between the parents. If divorced parents each pay a portion of the tuition bill, then each household needs to complete an application for a possible award towards their portion of tuition.

How should guardians apply?

Applications for students residing with a grandparent or guardian should be filled out by the individual who claims the student(s) on a tax return. FACTS Management will use that tax return to determine eligibility and need.

How should foster parents apply?
Families with foster children in their home should complete a separate application with just those children listed on it. Any income such as state subsidies should be included; however, no expenses need to be listed. The application should exclude all financial information of the parents and the foster parents.

What if the application fee is cost prohibitive for my family?
If the application fee is cost prohibitive, you are encouraged to contact the school to request that they pay the fee on your behalf. Schools cannot access an application to waive the fee until at least the first section of an application has been completed.

Are Special financial circumstances considered?
Families experiencing a hardship are to be evaluated by FACTS during review of the application. The individual award amounts as recommended by FACTS cannot be altered by Diocesan staff or school representatives due to financial hardships.

.What if parents were not required to file taxes?
Those families who were not required to file taxes will notate that on the application. Copies of all supporting documentation for household non-taxable income such as Social Security income, Child support, Food stamps, Workers’ compensation, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are required to be submitted.

What if I have questions about how to complete the application?

FACTS Management is happy to assist families with questions about completing their applications. The FACTS call center is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am - 9:00 pm at 866-441-4637. The FACTS online application also has a chat feature available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. You can also contact your school for additional assistance.

Is the Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program the only assistance available?
Many schools have local assistance programs to supplement the Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program awards. Generally families must first complete an application with FACTS as a prerequisite to applying for local assistance. Local assistance programs, however, can create their own income guidelines or consideration of special circumstances.

What if the award my family receives is not enough?
The Diocese of Sioux City Scholarship Program awards cannot be appealed as the income guidelines are set by state law and the proportion of funds available for each family is based on the overall need of qualifying applicants. If you feel you need additional funds to supplement your award, you are strongly encouraged to contact your local school/parish about local assistance programs and any other opportunities for assistance.

Can an application be withdrawn?

Applicants who choose to withdraw their application for financial aid must communicate directly with FACTS their decision to withdraw. Neither school representatives or Diocesan staff can make this request.